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CottonSeed Meal (De-oiled Cakes)

  • Advantages of Cottonseed Oil

    Cottonseed oil is known for its neutral, slightly nutty flavor. For this reason, cottonseed oil is often used as the standard against which other oils are compared for pleasing aroma, flavor and performance.

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  • R&D Activities at ACPL

    R&D facilities at Abhay Cotex has done an extensive process development work and established the Unique Process technology for Cottonseed.

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  • Quality Standards

    The product quality will be as & at par to international standards {A.O.C.S. & B.I.S} and are as per each product

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Products Overview > Cottonseed Meal (De-Oiled Cakes)

CottonSeed Meal (De-oiled Cakes)

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Currently, ACPL’s Cottonseed meal is sold under the brand name of Abhay Cotton Pro (Product patent pending) and has seen a strong “pull” factor from satisfied customers in both organised and unorganised sector.

The cottonseed meal/extraction obtained by this method contains protein as high as about 38% to 40% as compared to about 18% to 20% in traditionally processed cottonseed cake.

The protein content in the cattle feed is best utilized by the cattle if-it by-passes its rumen (first part of the stomach) and is digested in the subsequent parts of the stomach. It has been established that the protein content in cottonseed extractions is of "by-pass protein" type.

For the Animol which has RUMINANT DIGESTIVE SYSTEM only BY.PASS PROTEIN is the only Protein which increases growth in Cottle, Milk Production ond Reproduction capability of the Cottle.

Cottonseed meal can be used alone in many diets or in combination with other plant and animal protein sources to complete a balanced ration.

The characteristics of a particular meal are largely determined by the type of oil extraction process from which the meal was derived - mechanical (screw-press) or expander solvent extraction.

Cottonseed meal represents almost 35% of ACPL’s projected revenues and is the favoured product for customers in Organised sector like Godrej Agrovet, Baramati Agro etc. The company is also exporting its products to South Africa and Thailand.

Quality Parameter UOM Min Max
Crude Protein % (w/w) 38 40
Crude Fibre % (w/w) 10 12
ROC % (w/w) 0.8 3
Moisture % (w/w) 10 12
Albuminoids % (w/w) 39 42


Through Single-stage extraction, ACPL is able to preserve the naturally occuring amino-acid profile (almost 90%) occuring in cottonseed. The by-pass protein is a major component (60%) in this which help in increasing the milk yield in cattle cottonseed cake.