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  • R&D Activities at ACPL

    R&D facilities at Abhay Cotex has done an extensive process development work and established the Unique Process technology for Cottonseed.

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  • Quality Standards

    The product quality will be as & at par to international standards {A.O.C.S. & B.I.S} and are as per each product

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Marketing Team

The ACPL (Ahbya Cotex Private Limited) Process through which goods and services move from concept to the customers. It includes the coordination of four Elements called the 4 P’s of Marketing.

  • Identification, Selection and Development of a Product.
  • Determination of its Price.
  • Selection of a Distribution channel to reach the Customer’s Place and.
  • Development and implementation of a Promotional Strategy.

ACPL Has Identified and developed unique Product for customers, with affordable price and ACPL also established its marketing team with strong commitment to customer with timely place delivery of products. Marketing team is always being in touch with various customers of their region and gets the product feedback constantly for further development of product promotion. ACPL is the largest and commercial Plant based Protein Meal manufacturing unit of various grades with strong supportive marketing net work catering across the country and globally. Strategically located its team to cater both the domestic and International customers both the farmer / Cluster groups & Institutional sales.

The marketing model is farmer centric with strong base of farmers using its Protein Meal constantly exclusively in Poultry, Cattle & Aqua feed formulations. ACPl has developed its expertise and helps the small size farmer Groups to formulate their feed with suitable budgets of the respective regions and effectively economize their needs and in turn increases their real time profits directly. There are ‘n’ number of proven examples on this aspect and happy customers.

ACPL’s product portfolio was designed and supplied with its inherent innovative methods and constantly improving and supplies the product with consistent quality to meet diverse application with relevance to the current requirement. The services provided are effective and constantly meets the customer needs. ACPL has its own Animal Nutritionist and expert Doctors of panel to educate these small size farming communities and conceptualize to utilize its products and improvise their - ‘FCRs” (Feed Conversion Ratios), - milk yields etc.,

The family owned agri-business starting > 31 years ago in 1983, ACPL has come a very long way by means of largest commercial Protein Meal manufacturer in India. The extensive distribution network built over the years is a major strength of the company. ACPL has attempted to penetrate depth wise along with opening new markets with its prime motto on providing quality feeds to customers without any compromise and enjoys large sales volume.

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