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Abhay Cotton pro

  • Advantages of Cottonseed Oil

    Cottonseed oil is known for its neutral, slightly nutty flavor. For this reason, cottonseed oil is often used as the standard against which other oils are compared for pleasing aroma, flavor and performance.

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  • R&D Activities at ACPL

    R&D facilities at Abhay Cotex has done an extensive process development work and established the Unique Process technology for Cottonseed.

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Krishi Gold - Cattle feed pellet

At ACPL a new product has been introduced called KRISHI GOLD under the ABHAY COTEX's Feed Division as a CATTLE FEED PELLET.  KRISHIGOLD Specially Formulated by Abhay Cotex Pvt Ltd to meet all the localized nutritional requirement of different cattle

Provides a Golden Opportunity to ...
* Produce Clean Milk WIth Higher Albuminoids
  (Protein & Fat)
* Increases Milk Production
* Optimizes Production Cost
* Increases Animal's Immune Power
* Boost-up Animal Fertility
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Cattle Feed Pellet
Cottonseed meal is an excellent source of protein for a variety of animal species. Meals are often further processed into pellets of varying size (1/4", 3/8",1/2", 3/4" and 7/8") depending on the application.

Cottonseed meal can be used alone in many diets or in combination with other plant and animal protein sources to complete a balanced ration.

The characteristics of a particular meal are largely determined by the type of oil extraction process from which the meal was derived - mechanical or expander solvent extraction.

KRISHI GOLD Cattle Feed Pellet Quality Specs:

Sr No PARTICULARS UOM Quality Parameter
1 Crude Protein % W/W 24
2 Crude Fiber % w/w 10
3 Residual Oil content % W/W 5
4 Moisture % W/W 9
5 Sand & Silica % W/W 3
6 Calcium % W/W 1.6
7 Phosporous % W/W 0.75
8 Salt % W/W 0.35
9 N P N % W/W 0.53

  • India's First Highly digestible Protein rich balanced cattle Feed Pellet
  • Excellent "By Pass Protein"
  • Excellent "By Pass Fat"
  • Good quality of Total Digestible Nutrient (T.D.N) upto 90%
  • Low level of Non Protein Nitrogen (N.P.N)
  • Excellent quality of crude Fiber Enhances Digestibility
  • Low Level of sand and silica
  • Free of Aflatoxin

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KRISHIGOLD PELLET which was Manufactured for GODREJ in their own plant in GUJRAT as per the product formulation of ACPL along with ACPLs product called Cotton Deoiled Meal as one of the main ingredient in the Pellet; & the marketing was done both ACPL & GODREJ Exclusively in GUJRAT market successfully.

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Contact details :Mr Dipesh PATNI, dipesh.p@abhaycotex.com