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Investor Relations

  • Advantages of Cottonseed Oil

    Cottonseed oil is known for its neutral, slightly nutty flavor. For this reason, cottonseed oil is often used as the standard against which other oils are compared for pleasing aroma, flavor and performance.

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  • R&D Activities at ACPL

    R&D facilities at Abhay Cotex has done an extensive process development work and established the Unique Process technology for Cottonseed.

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Cottonseed Oil: The Next Alternative Edible Oil
Cottonseed – Ease of Raw material availability

  • With an annual production of more than 11-11.5 million MT of cottonseed in FY10/11, India is the largest cottonseed producing country in the world next only to China and the USA.
  • Maharashtra contributes about more than 37% of India’s cottonseed production, of which Marathwada contributes 60%.
Soya v/s Cottonseed – Crushing capacity

  • For 9 million MT productions of soya bean seed there are more than 500 plants in India, while for cottonseed which averages around 12 million MT has less than 20 plants of sizeable capacity.
  • ACPL only plant with advanced technology in Asia. The scenario is expected to undergo a sea change once a commercially viable technology has been developed.
Capturing the value

  • There is approximately an estimated loss of over INR 1700 Crores annually due to adoption of traditional processing methods and two stage solvent extraction technology
  • ACPL’s indigenously developed superior scientific process technology and is poised to take a leap in the cottonseed oil segment in India