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Investor Relations

  • Advantages of Cottonseed Oil

    Cottonseed oil is known for its neutral, slightly nutty flavor. For this reason, cottonseed oil is often used as the standard against which other oils are compared for pleasing aroma, flavor and performance.

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  • R&D Activities at ACPL

    R&D facilities at Abhay Cotex has done an extensive process development work and established the Unique Process technology for Cottonseed.

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Edible Oils : India Outlook
  • The Indian edible oil market is the world’s fourth-largest after the USA, China and Brazil.
  • In Oil year 2008-09, the country could produce only about 8.6 million MT of edible oil, ~50% of the demand had to be met by imports, implying heavy reliance on imports.
  • The Indian per capita consumption for edible oil is expected to grow from the current consumption levels of ~16kg to ~24 kg’s by 2020 with a conservative CAGR of ~6% & 1% (Historical Growth rates) for Total edible oil consumption and Population respectively.
  • This growth would translate into an edible oil consumption market of approximately 32 million tons by 2020
  • Restrictions on import of oilseeds make it difficult to match the increasing consumption levels of edible oil unless there is significant increase in the current yield of oilseeds.
  • The current edible oil needs are met by heavy imports of cheap palm oil. However, with the increased health awareness there is a huge demand of richer and healthier source of edible oil in near future.
  • Cottonseed oil is now seen as one of the promising sources of alternative edible oil.