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Abhay Protein - Aqua Feed

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  • R&D Activities at ACPL

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  • Quality Standards

    The product quality will be as & at par to international standards {A.O.C.S. & B.I.S} and are as per each product

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Products Overview > Abhay Protein for Aqua/Fishes

Currently, AP 500 AQA - Abhay Protein is exclusively manufactured for Aqua / Fish Feed grade and is sold under the brand name.

ACPLs innovative approach with constant R & D resulted to produce and cater a cost effective protein suitable for FISH FEED formulations aptly. ACPLs unique patented process technology of facilitates to produce Abhay Proteins of FISH GRADE with 41% crude protein with a lower fiber of 9% and an Oil / Fat content of 3-4 % (with total Albuminoids of 43 - 44% max) with lowest possible content of S&S (< 1% w/w).

The AP - 500 AQA is a predominant made to suit exclusively for aqua feed, which contains low fiber with fair combination of O & O+A (Albuminoids). AP - 500 AQA, by its inherent quality will help the initial body structure formation of prawns which will optimize the duration of fish rearing, the weight gain. The boosting of weight gain is very excellent where the prime responsible is due to incorporation of AP-500 AQA. Due to the miraculous innovation of ACPL’s Abhay Protein and the product will be a greater advantage and will be a novel innovative natural gift to aqua feed industry.

Various product trials conducted with AP - 500 AQA formulations and it has been established an excellent and satisfactory results to the consumers. Below are the quality specifications of the product suitable and exclusive for aqua feed industry.

Quality specifications of “ABHAY PROTEIN – Aqua GRADE

1 Crude Protein % W/W 41
2 Crude Fiber % w/w 9
3 Residual Oil content % W/W 4
4 Albuminoids % W/W 45
5 Moisture % W/W 10
6 S @ S % W/W 1
7 Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 & G2 PPB   < 10